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Ultimate Fruit Tray

Ultimate Fruit Tray

Coconut Yogurt with Aquafaba

Coconut Yogurt with Aquafaba

Rainbow Veggie Bowls

Rainbow Veggie Bowls Rainbow Veggie Bowls

Blend Frozen Bananas, Mango, Baby Spinach and Coconut Water

Blend Frozen Bananas, Mango, Baby Spinach and Coconut Water Blend Frozen Bananas, Mango, Baby Spinach and Coconut Water

Protein packed salad


This gluten-free, veg heavy, protein packed salad is one of my new favorite sides and easy to make as a main meal The photo on the subject of healthy eating are taken from open sources

Healthiest grains


Healthiest grains Grains — most commonly wheat and corn — are consumed by most populations around the world. While some people argue that we shouldn’t eat grains, most health experts agree that grains should be a part of our everyday diet. But (more…)

Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy Maintaining good health doesn’t happen by accident. It requires work, smart lifestyle choices, and the occasional checkup and test.

Live that healthy lifestyle

Live that healthy lifestyle!

Live that healthy lifestyle! Motivation to live that healthy lifestyle.

Must Eat Food,Young Looking Skin


We’ve all been told at some point in our lives, the importance of nutrition and how a well-balanced diet can have many benefits, so there is very little wonder that these advantages extend to the epidermis as well. These food will keep you young Consuming (more…)

Black beans, how healthy it is?


Are you trying to eat healthy? If so, you probably already know that is important to keep varying your diet to avoid becoming bored. One healthy food that you may not consider adding to your meal rotations is black beans. Easy to get, Easy to make Black (more…)